Ezra has studied Tropical astrology for 6 years, and takes a compassionate psychological and philosophical approach to reading natal charts. Their goal with reading a natal chart is to help foster self-love, self-growth, and self-awareness in a way that can be practically applied in day-to-day life.


They believe that our time of birth was intentionally and divinely chosen, our natal charts acting as a roadmap
to most effectively and successfully navigate the complexities and potentialities of existing.

Warning: they will not lie to you.

They offer personal/individual readings for $50/hr, and couple's love readings for $70/hr.

Bookings can be available

in hour or half-hour increments.

Readings on Thurs & Fri 12-3pm


Stephanie Athena-Marie has been a professional within the intuitive realms for over the past 10 years. As a natural healer, she assists people in navigating the challenges of personal growth, expansion of spirit, understanding their individual and collective role, as well as holistic healing.


Stephanie is offering bone readings, a form of divination where intuitive guidance is sought from our well ancestors, spirit guides and Spirit, through "throwing the bones". These readings can bring information to guide you towards a more holistic relationship with body, mind and spirit as well as direction for your unique life's path.


35 minute reading $75

60 minute reading $120

Readings on Saturdays from 3-6pm