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David Charlton is an accomplished mixed media entrepreneur and tattoo artist. With over 16 years of experience, David has developed a unique blend of techniques to create his own stylized realism designs. Specializing in Cover Ups, Japanese Artistry, Surrealism, Neo Traditional, and large scale works, David has developed a devoted clientele throughout the United States.

Becoming a recent full time resident to Asheville, David looks forward to embracing the holistic and conscious community. Future endeavors for David Charlton include traveling around the globe to participate in mural art festivals, continuing education with new medium usage, and expanding his works of fine art graffiti. Beyond the realm of tattoos and painting, David enjoys living a highly active and conscious lifestyle. Some of his hobbies include rock climbing, yoga, hiking with his corgi, martial arts, skateboarding, and collecting whiskey.

To view David’s fine art collection, please visit You can also view several of David’s rotating pieces on display in the Zen Ink Gallery. For custom commissions or mural inquiries, please use the contact form below with Commission Information as the reference.


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Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 21-30-49 David Charlton on Instagram Thoroughly enjoyed creating
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Untitled_Artwork 16
Untitled_Artwork 23
Untitled_Artwork 25
Untitled_Artwork 17
Untitled_Artwork 20
Untitled_Artwork 22
Untitled_Artwork 10
Untitled_Artwork 26
Untitled_Artwork 21
Untitled_Artwork 12
Untitled_Artwork 24
Untitled_Artwork 27
Untitled_Artwork 15
Untitled_Artwork 13
Untitled_Artwork 14
Untitled_Artwork 4
Untitled_Artwork 7
Untitled_Artwork 9
Untitled_Artwork 19
Untitled_Artwork 2
Untitled_Artwork 8
Untitled_Artwork 3
Untitled_Artwork 11

Please be sure to check your spam folder for artist responses.



I really love it & I am very glad that it was you that ended up being the one for my first. I had a very positive experience & really enjoyed hearing your perspective, learning a lil more bout myself & how other people feel about life & music too. 

— Brett Ogle


Could not have asked for a better experience for getting my first tattoo. The people who work there are nice, easy to talk to, and extremely talented. The atmosphere is calming and spa-like, not to mention very clean. Great prices. If I ever get another tattoo, it will be from here. Definitely recommend!!!!

— Allison G.


David handles his own deposits, please email him directly for any questions of concerns.
An appointment is required before placing a deposit with David.


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