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Lyuba Kotyay is a practicing astrologer who can pull up the astrological charts of a person, two partners, a business, and/or an event, to help the client recognize the patterns and potentials of the chart. Astrology is like a road map that can help us navigate through the complexities of life. Whether you're on a journey of self-discovery, want to understand the compatibility of two people, or want to know if the timing for a business or an event gives it the best chance of success, astrology is a really useful tool.


Lyuba discovered her love for the intricate algorithms of the cosmos when she was in college studying art and business. She has an Associate's in Art and a Bachelor's in Management and Entrepreneurship, but her passion for astrology is her path of choice. Committed to helping others heal through understanding Self, she uses the metaphysical art of astrology to help others understand their potentials and choose the right path that speaks to their soul. By uncovering the patterns from nature and nurture, astrology can help us discover the traumas we need to heal, our shadows that we need to work through, and the potentials of our unique personalities.


Lyuba is currently available every Friday and Saturday from 3-6pm. She is also available by appointment, just email to set up a time that works best for you.

Reading Prices:

10 minutes for $15

20 minutes for $30

30 minutes for $50

Check out what’s going on in the cosmos by following her instagram @astroloteas





157 S. Lexington Ave, Suite D, Asheville NC, 28801

Tel: 828.505.4456

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