Angel Aura Regular Magician Stone™
18mm; approx. 22 carats; Sterling Silver


The Abundance Stone Crystal (aka Magician Stone) is a beautiful multi-faceted star, creating a 4-fold symmetry. The numerous facets create an energetic template establishing many energy channels that connect the wearer to Source, to the Earth, and to each of the four directions. Once these connections are established and strengthened by wearing the pendant and directing one's attention to it, this beautiful Crystal becomes a teaching aid for centering ourselves in our most beneficial position in the Cosmic Flow of energy.  We become correctly aligned to receive the Cosmic Energies that bring all good things into our lives. Wearing this stone can bring both extraordinary good fortune and abundance.

The equilateral cross symbolizes the Tetrahedron. The Tetrahedron, or four-sided pyramid, is the geometrical principle underlying many types of both organic and inorganic molecules, and provides the microscopic structure of diamonds and of the amino acids that are the building blocks of all life-forms on planet Earth. Thus it is no surprise that the equilateral cross is an ancient symbol of the Mother Goddess, and represents the four elements of earth, air, fire and water and the four directions of the compass.

The Abundance / Magician Stone cut pendant is designed to bring the wearer into harmony with the four elements and the four directions, and to help harmonize your energy field with the cosmic flow of energy pouring from from the Mother Goddess and present throughout all creation.


Angel Aura Quartz promotes joy, light & optimism. Use it on all Chakras. Helps with stressful relationships. Connects to Angelic Realms.

Angel Aura is used to:

  • Enlivens all Chkras
  • Find your personal purpose
  • Channel higher knowledge
  • Reach deeper meditative states
  • Open awareness to the angel domain

Abundance Stone - Angel Aura Magician Stone Necklace