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We offer wholesale pricing only. Retail available in store only.

*For Wholesale orders, the minimum is $100. Orders under $100 will be cancelled* Orders over $300, get FREE shipping.


- All Natural Tattoo Aftercare
- Fast and Easy Application
- Contains Soothing Essential Oils
- No Petroleum!
- Charged with Reiki Healing Energy

Zen Ointment is a new revolution in tattoo aftercare. Developed by a Tattoo Artist for the best healing of your new tattoo. Forget the old way of healing. No messy petroleum products here! No cross contamination! Most aftercare products on the market contain petroleum (Check your labels!). Petroleum is less than ideal because it clogs your pores, so your new tattoo cannot breathe, therefore causing problems with healing. You've invested so much money in your new ink, and choosing the wrong aftercare for it can ruin it. Zen Ointment is 100% natural, and contains ingredients that are good for your skin! Zen is Petroleum free, Paraben Free, Dye Free, and Cruelty Free. Zen accelerates the healing process, so you can enjoy your new tattoo sooner. It comes in an easy to apply stick form, so there is no mess and no cross contamination. Zen customers have also reported that our ointment heals just about anything! From taking the itch out of a mosquito bite, to burns, to helping with psoriasis!

Zen Ink Tattoo Ointment

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