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Wyatt has been in the service of adorning human bodies since the age of 17 when he began his apprenticeship in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio. A year later he moved to Baltimore where he spent a few semesters in art school and then returned to tattooing full time. Working in Baltimore for 2 years he gained a lot of experience doing a variety of work for a diverse clientele. The past year found him back in Ohio for a while, as well as spending some time working on the road. He is glad to have found a new home in the serene beauty of the mountains and looks forward to growing alongside the amazing crew here at Zen Ink.


In his 6 years of tattooing, Wyatt has had a wide variety of experiences offering his services to thousands of people, and has seen a variety of ways in which they have benefited. Many come for a symbol of strength and motivation, to honor a loved one whether living or gone on, or simply to improve their self image, as just a few examples. Wyatt is grateful to have a livelihood where he is able to serve others through work he enjoys doing. His ultimate goal is to make whatever positive contribution he can using his abilities; to inspire and uplift others with images of beauty.


Wyatt’s tattoo work is rooted in a traditional foundation which he can adapt to fit a wide range of client needs. Although he is happy to take on a variety of requests, he would like to start taking on more ornamental blackwork projects.


Wyatt also makes “fine” artwork, which you can view on his website wyattmitchellart.com. His work has been shown in group exhibitions in Maryland, Delaware, and New York, as well as a solo exhibition in Baltimore. Aside from making artwork, Wyatt uses his energy practicing yoga and meditation, reading, and spending time outdoors.

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One of the best shops in town. Art quality and attention to detail is top notch. Couldn't be happier with my permanent body art. I would recommend this shop to anyone looking for very high quality black and white work. Also the customer experience was excellent.

— Joshua R.


Zen ink is so wonderful. All of the artists are extremely talented at what they do, easy to book with and super professional. The environment is relaxing and they play good music. I highly recommend this shop!

— Krysten M.


Deposits​ are non-refundable. They can be transferred with 48 hour notice. Deposits are good for 3 months. All deposits come off the price of service. Please do not leave a deposit unless you have talked with an artist and they have asked you to leave a deposit. 

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