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Janet Phillips is a composer, sound healer, shaman and Reiki master teacher.

Through her knowledge in energy healing and sonic vibrations, Janet works with the chakra energy centers to release emotional blockages & restore balance from stress or trauma.

Janet combines her shamanic guidance with Reiki to create a personalized, unique experience. She concludes each session with sound healing using quartz crystal singing bowls.



The AO Scan Digital Analyzer is a safe, non-invasive scanner that provides a comprehensive visual report of your overall health through frequencies. The AO Scan is generated through a pair of specially designed headphones.


Every cell and organ in the body produces a distinctive vibrational frequency. The AO Scan identifies specific frequencies in the human body that are out of balance and helps to restore them. The headset transmits healthy frequencies which will start to bring the body back to a more energetic balance. Within minutes, you will see a detailed report of your basic body functions such as amino acids, blood lipids, bacteria, parasites, bone mineral density, digestive acids/enzymes, endocrine glands, gastrointestinal function, human toxins, immune system and heavy metals.

$75 for an hour session

Sessions available by appointment

Sarah is a Reiki Master Certification. 

Through energetic healing, she found her calling - crafting manifestation products and guiding others to their purpose.

She offers energetic consultations, Crystal consultations, magick consultations and life coach consultations, as well as guided meditations.

$30 for half hour

$60 for an hour session

Sessions available by appointment


Anthea Kai is a wellness coach & master level Reiki practitioner who specializes in spiritual and holistic nutrition, with a focus on Ayurvedic principles. She leads her sessions through your own personal development and spiritual growth, ensuring that you feel heard and in a safe space. Once you get to know one another, Anthea takes the things you talked about in your session and develops a meal plan based off of the emotional issues you discussed. Whether it be grief, stress, heartbreak, etc, there are certain foods, herbs, & spices that help to nourish those parts of your psyche and help to heal those wounds on a more nourishing and grounding level.


Along with your personalized recipes and sessions together, Anthea will also develop and lead you through meditations and personal growth work to do throughout the week that helps you feel empowered and fulfilled. These are exercises that you will continue to build off of and discuss throughout your sessions together while you’re on the road to becoming the best version of yourself. 


Anthea’s goal is to help women take back their power by reclaiming their life, stop feeling controlled by food and their weight, and help to discover the goddess they really are and who they have been all along.


To inquire about pricing and setting up a session, please visit 

Jessica came back to Asheville after living in St. Augustine, Memphis, Seattle, and New Orleans. Every place she has lived has given her different perspectives & lessons both in life & in her practice.

Jessica's spirituality is grounded in Native American & Pagan belief systems. She incorporates suitable practices that she learns into her work. She is a descendant of the Seminole Creek tribe of Florida & has relied on her spiritual roots to guide her practice for the last 25 years. In addition to giving readings, she offers spiritual consultations, ancestral connection work, channeling of passed loved ones, & essential oils.

As someone who is nomadic in nature, Jessica continues to travel, learn, expand her consciousness & fine tune her practice. She helps guide people through their personal, social & financial issues.

Jessica offers a wide variety of services based on the different needs of her clients.

Pricing varies based on the service.

*Tea Leaf Reading- $20

*Spiritual Counsel Session- $25 (not a card reading!)

*Passed Loved One Channeling/Reading- $35

*8-card Spread Reading- $50

*11-card Spread Reading- $60


All readings/sessions are for entertainment only and do not substitute the advice of a doctor, lawyer, or medical professional.