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Thank you so much for choosing us to do your new tattoo!

Consultations: Consultations are by appointment and are always free. These normally consist of a short chat, taking some notes, looking at your reference photos and a nice cup of tea or coffee. We can also do consultations in person or via email for your convenience. Please email the artist of your choice directly from their page on our website.

Making a tattoo appointment: Planning ahead for your tattoo and making an appointment is recommended, as we stay very busy. Depending on the artist, they can be booked out from a few weeks to a few months in advance. Some even have closed books. Each artist does their own bookings. Please email the artist of your choice directly from their page on our website. Give as much info as possible. Date preferences, size, reference pictures, budget, even rough sketches are helpful.

Booking Deposit: We require a $100 booking deposit which is credited to your final appointment. You may pay this in cash at the shop, or you can pay it on the website (drop down for your artists name). All deposits are non-refundable, however if you give us at least 48 hours notice we can transfer your deposit to another date. If you are unable to come to your reserved time, the deposit goes to your artist. It covers their time for not being able to fill the spot on short notice and/or drawing time we have put into your tattoo.

Pricing Policy: The shop hourly rate is $180. The 'shop minimum' is $120 for most artists. Typically, once a design is discussed, your artist will give you an estimated cost range. This covers drawing preparation, tattooing time, standard set up costs, ink and needle cartridges, and a bandage of choice. Additional bandages and aftercare creams are available in our store.

ID Requirements: By NC law, you must be 18 to have a tattoo. We require photo ID on the day of your appointment.


Medical Conditions: Please inform us in advance if you have any of the following. Depending on the condition, we may need to reschedule or may need your doctor’s written permission. With most of these conditions, we can still tattoo you, we just need to know about the condition to make sure you are comfortable and taken care of.

Heart disease, Any Skin Condition/Eczema/Impetigo/Psoriasis/Acne/Sunburn, Hemorrhaging/Blood thinning illness, Fainting/ Seizures/Epilepsy, Diabetes, Cancer Treatments, any communicable disease such as Hepatitis/HIV/ MSRA, Cellulitis/ Keloid Scaring, Allergic Responses to food, metal or other substances, Breastfeeding, Any other medical condition that you should share with us.

We cannot tattoo you within the first 10 days of you receiving a vaccine.

Masks are required in procedure areas.


No Tattoos/Piercings:

If you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs., If you have sunburn or have recently waxed your skin in the procedure area, If you are ill ( i.e., common cold, flu, bronchitis), Currently on antibiotics, steroids, accutane or pregnant.


Here are some general reminders for your upcoming tattoo appointment:
*Please eat a good hearty meal before you come.
*No alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to your appointment.
*Please get a good nights sleep the night before.
*Please make sure you have bathed and are clean before appointment, (especially if you are getting tattooed close to feet or armpits)
*Please do not apply any perfumes or scented body lotions (as we are very sensitive to smells).
*Wear clean loose fitting clothing.
*We are an 18 and up shop with the exception of minors being pierced with parental consent and presence. Please do not bring children or pets to your tattoo appointment as it is a liability risk.
*Bring snacks if needed. We have water and hot tea.
*Bring your ID with you and arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to fill out your paperwork.

Parking/Appt Time/ Payment Methods:
*There is lots of free parking areas in the River Arts District!
*If you are more than 15 minutes late, unfortunately your appointment will be rescheduled (as it throws off the whole day of appointments after you), so please allow yourself enough travel/parking time. If you ‘no call no show’ OR give less than 24 hours notice your deposit will be forfeited. Deposits are good for 3 months.
*We accept both cash and all major credit cards. Please note: Zen Ink has a 4% cash discount incentive built into all pricing, so you are instantly saving when paying with cash! Any purchase made with a credit card will not receive the cash discount, and that difference will be added to the purchase. Use cash and save!

Be prepared! The tattoo will take approximately 3-4 weeks to completely heal. During this time, it is important to remember the following tips:
* Do not pick or scratch your new tattoo. This can cause permanent damage.
* Have clean towels and bed sheets available at home.
* Keep your tattoo out of the sun/tanning salons during the healing time.
* Do not let other people touch your tattoo during the healing process.
* Avoid soaking your tattoo in water. Showers are okay, but don’t go swimming or take baths.
* We make a trusted, all natural tattoo aftercare product that you may purchase to help with the healing of your tattoo. A small size is $5, medium is $10 and large is $15.
* Heavy workouts with excessive sweating can irritate a new tattoo, so try to avoid extreme physical activity for the first few days. If you sweat excessively during the 3-4 week healing process, shower promptly following the activity to wash off the sweat and salt.

Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions before or after your appointment.

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