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Lith is an Asheville native with over 6 years of experience within the body modifications community. She began her career as a piercer. However, her most dedicated passion is tattooing. She was able to further her repertoire while studying under several talented artists, all with their own unique styles. It was through these opportunities that she discovered a pull towards American Traditional. While that is her primary focus, she also enjoys neo traditional, black work, surrealism, and new school styles. 
She found home here at Zen Ink, where she is currently polishing her skill set under the guidance of Violit.

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I really love it & I am very glad that it was you that ended up being the one for my first. I had a very positive experience & really enjoyed hearing your perspective, learning a lil more bout myself & how other people feel about life & music too. 

— Brett Ogle


Could not have asked for a better experience for getting my first tattoo. The people who work there are nice, easy to talk to, and extremely talented. The atmosphere is calming and spa-like, not to mention very clean. Great prices. If I ever get another tattoo, it will be from here. Definitely recommend!!!!

— Allison G.



Deposits​ are non-refundable. They can be transferred with 48 hour notice. Deposits are good for 3 months. All deposits come off the price of service. Please do not leave a deposit unless you have talked with an artist and they have asked you to leave a deposit. 

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